October 2019 06
API Interface for Data Filtering
Posted By : Alexander Goida

A colleague of mine approached me with the question about choosing a correct approach for API interface for data filtering. Whether it should be GraphQL, OData, REST, or just using RPC endpoints with parameters. Further

January 2017 16
DateTime Pitfalls
Posted By : Alexander Goida

If you find some of these things in your application you should double check if your application works correctly with dates and times: Usages of non-UTC aligned date and time Usages of GETDATE() in SQL with

July 2016 06
Shifty Responsibility of Repository Pattern
Posted By : Alexander Goida

During a lot of discussions about the Repository Pattern I noticed that people are separated into two camps. For the purposes of the article I call them abstractionists and concretists. The difference between them is whether the