June 2017 11
How to run xUnit tests on Jenkins
Posted By : Alexander Goida

Jenkins does not support running of xUnit tests out of the box. So that you need to run it manually and import test results to Jenkins. This quick manual shows how to do this.

March 2017 23
How-To Clear NuGet Cache
Posted By : Alexander Goida

Just a reminder to myself how to clear NuGet cache. Delete everything at locations: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\NuGet\ C:\Users\user\.nuget\packages\ C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\NuGetScratch\ See also: Managing the NuGet cache

November 2016 27
How To: Configuration of Azure resources
Posted By : Alexander Goida

During configuring resources for the application of several tiers I met obscure points. This articles is just a note which describes those obstacles with the solutions I done. It covers configuring of database access, logging

November 2016 12
How To: Giving Presentations
Posted By : Alexander Goida

Since the first presentation I gave I’ve noticed several points to remember. There are a lot of articles about the subject “How to give good presentations” in the internet and all of them good. For

May 2016 20
How to extract domain from URL
Posted By : Alexander Goida

You want to extract a domain from URL. The list of URLs to support might be as below. For this list you expect the domain [crayon-5d84816838ec9399995373-i/] : sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 www.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 http://sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 https://sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 https://www.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 For this list you expect

July 2015 22
How To: Refresh POCO entity from DbContext
Posted By : Alexander Goida

If you notice that the context returns the same entity even if it is already changed one line before, you probably what the following [crayon-5d848168391cf936451315/] You can use it right after obtaining an entity with a statement like