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Online competitions for newbies in Machine Learning

This is a navigation map for dummies like me in Data Science. Kaggle have few simple projects which the community already solved and there are some reviews about them which you can use for self assessment. Data sets provides plenty of data for possible questions.

Complete list of courses for quick start in Data Science

In our Data Science group we raised a question about courses which person could take to get started with Data Science. Some time ago I was applying to one investment program where I had to present the list of courses which I need funds. When I created that list I was thinking about quick introduction […]

Bottom-Up strategy for implementing changes in the organization

I’m certainly not the first one who faces obstacles in implementing changes in the organization from the bottom up and not the last one. I want to share some of my observations, conclusions and mistakes that I made along the way. Perhaps someone was in a similar situation, faced with similar obstacles and he managed […]

Data Science self-assessment topic list

Running a group by specialization is connected with understanding of the current awareness of the group about the subject that they’re interested in. This knowledge gives the opportunity to build a relevant road map for learning of the subject. Now I’m trying to build an assessment to get this understanding for the group which I’m […]

Presentations of Data Science project results

Short summary about presenting data science project results to public.

Road to Machine Learning and Data Science

The list of free and non-free resources and courses for quick start in Machine Learning and Data Science. I built this list by searching in Google and taking references from articles about ML and data science. It is updated from time to time and you also can suggest one in comments. The discipline can be divided […]