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How to specify Expires header for static resources in ASP.NET MVC?

Thanks to author of the post on He posted a link to the broadest description of the ways the header “Expires” can be specified for static resources. Here it is – clientCache. Finally, I put the following setting in my web.config: <system.webServer> <staticContent> <!–Never Expires–> <clientCache cacheControlMode=”UseExpires” httpExpires=”Sun, 07 Apr 2047 00:00:00 GMT” /> […]

TeamCity Custom Variable

Hi there. Everybody knows TeamCity which is the solid tool to run continuous integration process. Indeed it’s the best  tool I ever have worked with. Nevertheless, sometimes you may find out that it doesn’t provide something that you need, though it seems it should have that. Well, there is no miracle cure for all our […]

Disabled control in a DataGridView cell

From time to time you need to show a disabled control within DataGridView control. As you might already know, a grid cell has ReadOnly property which is not useful for the case because controls still looks enabled even if they are placed in disabled cell.

Debugging JavaScript: object dump

From time to time you want a dump of an object during execution of JavaScript code. This function provides missing functional.

.NET Colors Explorer

I’d like to share with the tool I wrote when stacked with selecting an appropriate color for some border of a new control. I hope it will relieve you when  you be confused choosing a better color for whatever application you do for windows.

Compressing of data with GZipStream

GZipStream is a great tool to compress/decompress byte arrays of serialized data. But it has an issue which can make you hanging for some time. Here I describe the issue with mismatch of compressed and decompressed data and provide a solution.

Database Connection Dialog

Implementation of a database connection dialog with full set of features which you can see when look at the same dialog in Visual Studio is not the easiest tasks. It includes many aspects such as servers enumeration and database enumeration. Visual Studio SDK allows you to create such a dialog in several minutes.