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How to extract domain from URL

You want to extract a domain from URL. The list of URLs to support might be as below.
For this list you expect the domain sub.domain.com :

  • sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • www.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • http://sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • https://sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • https://www.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1

For this list you expect the domain domain.com:

  • domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • www.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • http://domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • https://domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • https://www.domain.com/folder?p1=v1

For this list you expect the domain sub.sub.domain.com:

  • sub.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • www.sub.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • http://sub.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • https://sub.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1
  • https://www.sub.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1

Extract domain

If all your URLs start with HTTP or HTTPS you may use Uri class.

In order to extract the same domain from URLs without specified protocol, you should use regular expression.

This expression tells to  look for matches starting from the beginning of the string (^). Then look for some text which ends with / and extract another group without /. It successfully extracts all required domains which are stated above.

See example at RegexStorm.net.

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