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Bottom-Up strategy for implementing changes in the organization

I’m certainly not the first one who faces obstacles in implementing changes in the organization from the bottom up and not the last one. I want to share some of my observations, conclusions and mistakes that I made along the way. Perhaps someone was in a similar situation, faced with similar obstacles and he managed […]

About efficient documentation in projects

Everybody speaks that documentation is important for development. In the end when a project accumulates hundreds of pages with documentation, nobody wants to update it because it’s boring, difficult and need time which cannot be converted to value for customers. The documentation becomes outdated and lose its point. This is the “dead-end” of documentation process […]

Rules of Bad company

I met not so much company cultures, but quite enough to understand some common rules. Some of them would make your company culture nice and warm, and some would make it opposite. So if you want your company to be stated in IT community as an example of bad culture follow these rules. Rules of bad […]

Goal criteria which help to make it clear

Several sets of goal criteria which help to make it clear and be achieved. Just a reference to remember. SMART S = Specific (context bound goal within defined scope of work) M = Measurable (easy way to estimate the progress)  A = Assignable (someone shall be responsible for the goal) R = Realistic (the goal shall […]