Platform  Course  Skill Level  Description  Progress Date
 edX DEV274x Introduction to Python: Fundamentals Just right for beginning  If you’re developer this is what you need to get to know Python. All important aspects are described in good quality, offering good exercisers. This course will bring you quickly to the basics of the language, but it won’t cover special packages.   2018-03-31
 edX DAT208x: Introduction to Python for Data Science Just right for beginning This course has everything you need in the beginning. It covers Numpy, Pandas, visualization with Matlibplot and Python language. The materials are very good and presented in good ways. It is done in collaboration with DataCamp and you can learn new things in action in their IPython shell.   2018-03-29
edX Microsoft: DEV236x Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner For absolute dummies It’s not required to have any development experience for this course. It covers the very basics of the language and I would recommend it only for absolutely beginners, as the course says itself. 2018-03-24
edX DAT228x Developing Big Data Solutions with Azure Machine Learning You need to be familiar with Azure Services and overall programming concepts During the course you’ll build a pipeline to get data for training a model, train a model and update the model with Azure services. I liked this course since it gives detailed information about what you need to do to build the pipeline and which services you need and why.