January 2019 13
Dark traits of doer-person
Posted By : Alexander Goida

If in most of the cases when you have a new task, you’re focusing more on opportunities to do it with all cost instead of finding obstacles and reasons why it cannot be done, then

January 2019 04
Data Science Group level up
Posted By : Alexander Goida

I’m very exciting to tell you that with Data Science Society of Sofia we’re launching a continuous event for everyone who wants get real experience with Data Science. You definitely need to got to the

December 2018 17
Few simple teamwork rules
Posted By : Alexander Goida

A few teamwork rules that can save nerve cells of all in difficult moments. It happens so much work that some moments are forgotten. Therefore, it is important to create some set of rules, if

September 2018 22
Bike Sharing Demand Questions
Posted By : Alexander Goida

Recently a group of enthusiasts in Data Science which I lead had a discussion about Kaggle competition Bike Sharing Demand. I presented a possible solution and during discussion were raised several questions which I was

March 2018 15
Data Science Glossary
Posted By : Alexander Goida

In this article I put everything which I think important to be aware when you start learning Data Science. It includes math, statistic, DS concepts. I put examples where I can. The article is updated

March 2018 10
Data Science self-assessment topic list
Posted By : Alexander Goida

Running a group by specialization is connected with understanding of the current awareness of the group about the subject that they’re interested in. This knowledge gives the opportunity to build a relevant road map for