January 2017 16
DateTime Pitfalls
Posted By : Alexander Goida

If you find some of these things in your application you should double check if your application works correctly with dates and times: Usages of non-UTC aligned date and time Usages of GETDATE() in SQL with

January 2017 14
List of Time Zones
Posted By : Alexander Goida

The list of all time zones present on PC (Windows 10 Home). This is what you’ll get with the operation TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones() in C#.

November 2016 27
How To: Configuration of Azure resources
Posted By : Alexander Goida

During configuring resources for the application of several tiers I met obscure points. This articles is just a note which describes those obstacles with the solutions I done. It covers configuring of database access, logging

November 2016 12
How To: Giving Presentations
Posted By : Alexander Goida

Since the first presentation I gave I’ve noticed several points to remember. There are a lot of articles about the subject “How to give good presentations” in the internet and all of them good. For

July 2016 06
Shifty Responsibility of Repository Pattern
Posted By : Alexander Goida

During a lot of discussions about the Repository Pattern I noticed that people are separated into two camps. For the purposes of the article I call them abstractionists and concretists. The difference between them is whether the

May 2016 20
How to extract domain from URL
Posted By : Alexander Goida

You want to extract a domain from URL. The list of URLs to support might be as below. For this list you expect the domain [crayon-5d5ffc970a3c8625836727-i/] : sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 www.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 http://sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 https://sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 https://www.sub.domain.com/folder?p1=v1 For this list you expect