April 2015 17
How To: Integration of WCF with Autofac
Posted By : Alexander Goida

If you’d like to hide WCF implementation class behind an interface to simplify future changes you should deal with some IoC. I use Autofac and have several times struggled upon the same point when trying

April 2015 12
Most used Git commands
Posted By : Alexander Goida

The most used commands in Git console which are used by me in projects. The reference is often overwhelmed with information which hinders me to use it in practice. This text is the place to keep working examples for

January 2014 06
Issues with serializing JSON response from REST
Posted By : Alexander Goida

You might get the following message when trying to serialize a JSON response from a REST service with [crayon-5d3785b1d3a50268464948-i/] : [crayon-5d3785b1d3a54872177699/] If your message looks similar to this example you should check your data contract classes.