Rules of Bad company

I met not so much company cultures, but quite enough to understand some common rules. Some of them would make your company culture nice and warm, and some would make it opposite. So if you want your company to be stated in IT community as an example of bad culture follow these rules.

Rules of bad company

  • developers just an another resource which can be switched on/off, as a machine
  • we always know who is responsible for a bug, even if requirements were not complete
  • we start tasks as they come, planning and discussion is a waste of time
  • we know we have processes, but we have to thinks about circumvents to do tasks faster
  • we’re very agile and because of that we don’t have any documentation at all
  • some stages of development could be uncompleted, use corners cut
  • we’re delivering very fast because we just fix problems
  • we’re developing very fast using bunches of hard coded solutions

Does it look familiar? Add yours.

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