How To: Configuration of Azure resources

During configuring resources for the application of several tiers I met obscure points. This articles is just a note which describes those obstacles with the solutions I done. It covers configuring of database access, logging and deployment of Web App and API App.

  • Access Database from your PC.
    You need to add IP address of your PC to the firewall of the server on Azure.
  • Deploy project from a solution.
    You can specify the project to deploy in Application Settings of the application. In the App Settings add the key ‘Project’. Its value should contain the path to the project relative to the solution folder. For example, ‘projectFolder\projectFileName.csproj’
  • Log exceptions and show them in Application Insights.
    You need to build the project with Application Insights and add track telemetry as described in this article.
  • Include XML documentation in deployment.
    1. Add to the project file in the Property Group: <ExcludeXmlAssemblyFiles>false</ExcludeXmlAssemblyFiles>.  It will force all XML files to be included in the package.
    2. By default XML documentation file is excluded. In order to include it you should unset the setting ‘Exclude generated debug symbols’ in Package/Publish Web sectin of the project configuration.




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