How To: Giving Presentations

Since the first presentation I gave I’ve noticed several points to remember. There are a lot of articles about the subject “How to give good presentations” in the internet and all of them good. For example, this article on HBR. They give enough inputs to think about. The further text contains a summary of my mistakes which I made during several presentations.

  1. Be focused on demo. This is important to formulate what particular benefits people would get from a tool or approach. The benefit should be specific and relevant. People should know exactly what they should do the get it working. Instead of showing lines of code or text, show a picture.
  2. Be focused on storytelling. People are most susceptible to stories. When they can imaging a situation and go through it. This is better than just facts.
  3. Be face to face to people. Event if the situation make you turn back to the audience, try to speck with them face to face. For example, the table and chair could be located at inconvenient position to look to people faces. But you still have to find the possibility to  do this.
  4. Decrease manipulations with your presentation. The presenting of code solutions brings a lot of code to the people. You may want to show some coding steps. In such a case it’s better to prepare slide with already prepared code or a program. The coding should be very little because it’s boring.
  5. Be concise. The presentation should be small and specific. If you add too much topics it will be overwhelmed with information and people won’t remember a lot. The information from the first 20 minutes will be erased with later information from their minds. Also this is important to you since it would be easier to prepare good presentation and keep everything in mind.
  6. Use blocks instead names. When you explaining layers, architecture or software design it’s better to show the schema even without names. Schema will help people organize what you’re telling them and names they stick to corresponding blocks in minds.

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