How To: Publish your assembly to private NuGet repository

This is quick guide to manage your package in your private server. Before going into steps with publishing a NuGet package you need to have prepared assembly. Also you should download NuGet.exe CLI from


Command Description Comment
.exe spec Create *.nuspec file to describe the package The command should be executed in the folder with the project file. The *.nuspec template will be created automatically. Mandatory fields are ID and Description. Values with $param$ will be added from the assembly. You can use literals in the version value to define pre-release version.
nuget.exe pack YourPackage.csproj Create a package It will create the package using build configuration of your project. Example output file: YourPackage.1.0.0-alfa.nupkg
nuget.exe push YourPackage.1.0.0-alfa.nupkg KEY -Source PRIVATE_SERVER Publish your package
nuget.exe delete YourPackage 1.0.0-alfa -Source PRIVATE_SERVER -ApiKey KEY Delete your package from the server

When the package is published you can find it in the Package Manager Console of Visual Studio. If the package was published as pre-released version you should user -IncludePrerelease parameter: Find-Package YourPackage -AllVersions -IncludePrerelease

Securing the Key

In order to avoid using the key inside of your deployment scripts you should call nuget SetApiKey KEY. This command will save the key encrypted in a config file under your %APPDATA% folder. For example: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\NuGet\NuGet.Config. The key is saved per each NuGet server URL.

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