Personification in Software Development

We’re using in Software Development. It’s really fun! The names which we’re using internally are not official and used only between developers. Of course we also have other official public names, but they’re boring. Look instead of “Tester platform of customer integration” we just use “Toaster”. Instead of “Static distribution website for mobile application” — just “Jenny”. So, for example, when you’re preparing a release, you can tell

“It’s cooked in Toaster and Jenny will deliver it with care.”

The idea of has roots in the literature. This approach being applied to the ideas, animals and objects bring them human qualities. The use of personification in the literature has great impact as it showcases a non-human entity more vivid and lively, along with a human attribute. In software development, in brief, when applications are personified, then developers more easily get an emotional connection with them. And having emotional connection with the work you do is one of success factors.

It’s possible to have any naming conventions systems or even none. The team decides what it is comfortable with. For example, take the world of Star Wars or Avengers and use names from there to call your applications, utility tools and so on. Connecting the chosen name with meaning of your application you’re create unique associations and eventually unique “person” in the entire IT ecosystem of your organization. I’d personally like be developing “Death Star” application, than the application “Salary calculation microservice”.

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