Why Apache does not start on Windows 7?

Recently I started developing website on WordPress. In order to set up a local web server with Apache/PHP I have downloaded XAMPP. At the same time I’ve experimented with .NET features which, probably, caused the issue – I could not launch Apache. It failed due to the port 80 was busy.

The simple way to look who can use (listen) the port 80 is run the following from the command promt:
netstat -aon

It shows up all connections and you should find the one who listen the port 80. When you find them you should kill the tasks with the corresponding PID. To do that you can use command promt TASKKILL or Task Manager.

There is a case when using the tools above is not enough. Some services use the port 80 under the system process (PID = 4) and you won’t find them with NETSTAT. I found them by killing every suspicious service and trying to launch the Apache.
Here is the list of all applications and services which I had to kill to launch the Apache on my PC. Your experience could be different.
  • stop Skype, or uncheck its property that says Use Port 80 and 443
  • stop IIS. You can just run the command in CMD (net stop was)
  • stop TeamView and related services (net stop TeamViewer7)
  • stop NOD32 or another antivirus
The following services were run under the System process:
  • stop SQL Reporting Service (net stop ReportServer)
  • stop Web Deployment Agent Service (net stop MsDepSvc)
If you find something to add please do.

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